The Bronze Plan

A single phone line with 500 UK minutes 

Update: Forced to work from home because of COVID? This plan will allow you to make and receive calls using your office phone number by using an app on your smartphone or laptop computer. We will ship the desk phone once shipments return to normal, but for now you can get going with our apps (downloadable from If you sign up now, we'll set you up today - we'll contact you to find out what your existing office number is (if you have one, or we'll give you a new number) - then we'll program that to your account. We will also give you a guide for setting up our app on your smartphone or laptop.

  • Single fully featured desk phone
  • 500 UK landline and mobile minutes included
  • A landline number of your choice (or bring your current number/s)
  • Three month contract
  • Includes a free Fanvil X3S handset

£5 per month (ex VAT)
Learn More. Call 0330 122 2230

Order now

Once you have placed your order, we will ship the phone to the address you specify on checkout and in the meantime we'll email you the details to get up and running with our apps. Your account will be created and this initial payment will go towards your first month's service. Once you receive the phone, we will email a direct debit mandate for subsequent payments.

Choose an area code for the phone, or select: "I already have a number" if you want to bring your number to buzzbox:

* Orders are despatched next day and normally arrive within 5 working days by Royal Mail. Delivery to UK only. Update: Currently deliveries are suspended but we will get you up and running with our apps instead

Great personal customer service where we don't feel like one of a long list of frustrated callers. Wonderful facility at the fraction of the price of other similar telecoms solutions. Superfast install & easy to use system!
John Alexander Ltd

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