Frequently Asked Questions

How does VoIP work?

VoIP uses the internet to make and receive calls (a bit like Skype or WhatsApp), except it sits on top of the phone network so you can make and receive calls from 'real' phone numbers and connect an entire office to the same system.

What do I need?

You will need a working internet connection. Normally this would be a fibre internet connection or a 4G connection can also be used.

Can I move my number to buzzbox?

Yes, you can move your number away from your old provider to us. Read our port form FAQ for more details.

How long is the contract?

Our contracts are all rolling monthly, except for the first three months. After the first three months it is rolling monthly. You can upgrade or downgrade plans at the end of each month at your leisure. The only exception is the Gold Plan with unlimited minutes. This is a 12 month contract.

Can I try your service?

Yes you can. All plans come with a 14 day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you don't like the service, we will send you a label to return the phones to us. Please make sure you keep all the accessories and the box though!

How do I order?

You can order our single plan lines online. For a multi line plan, just give us a call or email to discuss your requirements more accurately.

Is it difficult to set up?

Not at all - you simply connect the phone/s that we ship you to the back of your internet router or office switch and you're done. 

Can I manage the phone system myself?

Yes, you will be given your own web based dashboard to administer the system. We offer a unique service where we will do all of the initital configuration at no extra charge. This will include things like setting up your welcome menu, enabling call recording, setting up hunt groups and suchlike.

Do you supply cordless phones and headsets?

Yes, we can supply cordless phones and headsets that operate on VoIP. Give us a call to discuss.

How much do additional handsets cost?

You can order additional handsets from us starting at £53 each for a fully featured office phone with colour display.

Can it replace my old ISDN system? I have been told I need to replace it.

Yes, VoIP is a direct replacement for ISDN. In fact as of 2020, it is now no longer possible to order ISDN based systems, and as of 2025 the ISDN network will be switched off. BT and the industry are asking people to migrate to VoIP.

Do you provide mobile and Internet contracts?

Yes we do. Our mobile plans start from £10 per month and broadband from just £14. Do give us a call to discuss your requirements.

How long have you been in business?

We have been going since 2011 and have over 1,100 customers.

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