Thanks for Placing your Order

Your 650Gb Data SIM and 4G WiFi router is on its way! 

Thanks for ordering! Your router will be shipped as soon as we can get it out of the door - but do allow up to five working days for it to arrive to account for courier delivery times.

When it arrives, simply plug in the power and join the WiFi network - the details are printed on the sticker of the router itself. We will pre-install the SIM card, but if it does accidentally pop out during transit, just click it back in with your thumb - it's located on the back side of the router and you'll hear it "click" in when it's seated properly.

It helps if you place the router in a position that gets the best mobile signal, it might be on a windowsill or near an open area of the building. 

You'll also receive a welcome email from us, there is nothing there you need to action, just keep it for your records as it will contain your account information should you need to speak to us.

Your direct debit payment will be processed after the first 14 days and only once you're happy with the service. If we don't hear from you, we will go ahead and collect it unless you tell us otherwise.


Reach out to us via email at or give us a  buzz on 0330 122 2230.

Thanks again and we hope you enjoy your 4G router and data SIM.

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